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NFL Picks: Wild Card Predictions

Since there are only four games this week, there is not too much to write on so I decided to add a second opinion throughout the playoffs. This week I was fortunate enough to have the help of my friend, Zito, to give me his opinions and another look at how the playoffs will play out this year. He loves football just as much as I do and I can vouch for his football knowledge. Another side note, the two teams in each conference that have the #1 and #2 seeds have BYE’s and are not included. Thank you and enjoy!

Last week: 10-6 (regular season)


#6 PIT @ #3 CIN

Scott’s Pick: Pittsburgh. We all know the caliber of offense that the Pittsburgh Steelers play at, but that’s not why I chose the Steelers as the winner. In 5 of their last 8 games, the Steelers defense gave up less than 21 points, and that is very impressive considering the amount of criticism they received during some parts of the season. A.J. McCarron is not ready to be an NFL quarterback and now that he is in the playoffs for the first time in his career, there’s little chance he steps up and leads his team to the divisional round.

Zito’s Pick: Pittsburgh. In their third match-up of the season Pittsburgh visits Cincinnati. The Steelers have the third highest scoring offense in the NFL, and in my opinion the best passing attack in the NFL led by Big Ben along with Antonio Brown and Martavis Bryant. The Bengals are still unsure if Dalton will be back to lead the team so how their offense plays could be up to chance. The Steelers offense will dominate this game and step pass the Bengals to visit Denver next week.

#4 HOU vs. #5 KC

Scott’s Pick: Kansas City. I have been a huge fan of the Chiefs and how they have handled themselves this year. Starting off 1-5 and winning their last 10 games in a row, that’s not something you see every year. I am a firm believer that the hottest team wins in the playoffs, and this time, it’s the Kansas City Chiefs. Their defense has been outstanding this season and their offense isn’t great but they are good enough to win. The Texans are still a good team with Brian Hoyer at quarterback but I can’t picture them beating this hot of a team.

Zito’s Pick: Houston. Kansas City is the hottest team in the NFL heading into the playoffs with a notable 10 straight wins. Granted the Chiefs schedule during the last 10 week has been rather weak, it is still impressive to win 10 straight in such a competitive league. They are facing a hungry Houston Texans team with a J.J. Watt led defense and a passing attack fronted by DeAndre Hopkins. The Texans barely escaped the division but I believe they are equipped with the better team. I think the Texans defense will dominate and hold Kansas City off just enough to slip by with a win at home.


#3 MIN vs. #6 SEA

Scott’s Pick: Seattle. No team, even the Chiefs, have been playing better than the Seattle Seahawks. Not only have they won 6 of their last 7, but they just beat the Arizona Cardinals on the road. Russell Wilson is playing the best he has in his career and it doesn’t look like there is much stopping him. It doesn’t matter if the Vikings just beat the Packers in Lambeau, the Packers have looked mediocre and the Vikings aren’t as good as they seem. I can’t imagine that the Vikings can put it on the Seahawks defense, seeing that they lack a true deep threat on offense. This means they will run Adrian Peterson’s legs off and the Seahawks have an elite defense that can control and limit Peterson on the ground. Seattle should win and move on to the divisional round.

Zito’s Pick: Seattle. Seattle is the most dangerous team in the NFL right now and as everyone knows they always seem to pull through in the playoffs. Minnesota clinched the division this past week and now they get to face the Seahawks as a reward. Lucky them. Minnesota doesn’t possess a strong enough defense to stop a hot Russell Wilson coming off the best regular season of his career, and if Marshawn is to return that’s a whole different problem to worry about. In their last match-up Seattle won 38-7 with the Viking’s only score coming from a kick return. I don’t imagine this game being much different. Seattle runs away with this game to advance to the divisional round.

#4 WAS vs. #5 GB

Scott’s Pick: Washington. The team we have been watching in Green Bay, is not the Packers. This team is struggling, slow, beat up, and they are just not playing at the level we had all hoped for. On the other hand, Washington is on a roll. They did win the mediocre NFC East but the level Kirk Cousins is playing at is unbelievable. He is making all of his receivers (Garcon, Crowder) look very good and the relationship he has with Jordan Reed is strong. The Washington defense can be a little shaky at times but I’m betting that they decide to show up for the playoffs. The Redskins will pull off the win at home.

Zito’s Pick: Washington.  As much as I love the Packers I just don’t see them wining another ball game. Their team is crumbling. The offensive line has been absent the past three games and the receivers are playing soft leaving too much up to Aaron Rodgers. They have become an easily defended team with an average defense and I don’t see much change coming this next week. The Redskins are playing the best football I have ever seen them play. I’m picking Washington to win at home.

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Fantasy Football Best of the Best: The Perfect Team

Since this is the last edition of this article, I decided to change the last one from the top performers of the week, to the top performers of the year. These guys are on this “perfect team” strictly for fantasy points. Clutch performances and favorites do not apply in this article. The point system is based off the standard ESPN scoring league. The FLEX position was either the third highest scoring wide receiver and running back or second highest scoring tight end. The points listed next to the players are their season total in standard ESPN fantasy leagues. Thanks for reading these articles and enjoy!

QB: Cam Newton, 373 points: Newton has had an MVP caliber season and his stats show for it. Cam threw for 3,837 passing yards and 35 touchdowns while only throwing 10 interceptions. We all know Cam can run and he definitely used his running abilities to his advantage this season. He ran for 636 yards and totaled 10 rushing touchdowns on the year. Newton will likely win MVP this season, considering he led all QB in total touchdowns, among other categories. Surely, a career year for Cam Newton.

RB: Devonta Freeman, 231 points: This breakout star made his name in week 3 of the regular season when he ran for 141 yards and 3 touchdowns. He would end the season rushing for 1,061  yards averaging 4.0 yards per carry and have 11 rushing touchdowns. He was also a threat in the passing game with 73 receptions for 578 yards and 3 touchdowns. He had 14 total touchdowns on the year and he was the #1 running back by far this season.

RB: Adrian Peterson, 217 points: The veteran had another outstanding year and he is definitely my comeback player of the year. The Viking rushed for 1,418 rushing yards for a whopping  4.6 yards per carry and 10 rushing touchdowns. He’s not a huge threat as a receiver but it should be noted that he had 29 receptions for a total of 221 yards. Peterson took criticism before the season started, like, that the 30 year old is running out of gas but clearly, he is not.

WR: Antonio Brown, 243 points: It’s not surprising that Antonio Brown was the # 1 receiver in the NFL this year. The Pro Bowl wide out had a total of 136 receptions that went for a whopping 1,834 yards which equals a  13.5 yards per catch ratio. Brown also had 10 touchdowns this season which is outstanding that landed him 5th among all NFL wide receivers in that category. Brown had another fantastic year and next year he should perform even better considering Ben Roethlisberger wasn’t healthy all season.

WR: Julio Jones, 221 points: Julio! The Falcons receiver had another great season that he can hang his hat on. The Alabama product had 127 receptions this season for 1,722 yards which is a 13.6 yards per catch average. Jones also had 8 receiving touchdowns this season which ties his second highest total of his career. It was a pleasure to watch a healthy Julio Jones play this year because he is one of the most enjoyable players to watch week in and week out.

TE: Rob Gronkowski, 176 points: Gronk had another successful and generally healthy year this season. The Patriots tight end tallied 72 receptions for 1,176 yards, averaging 16.3 yards per catch. Gronkowski also boasted 11 receiving touchdowns on the year which ties his 3rd most in his career. Rob Gronkowski, for the foreseeable future, will continue to dominate in the NFL and set the mark for other tight ends to beat every year.

FLEX: Odell Beckham Jr., 216 points: The sophomore receiver out of LSU continues his run of productive seasons. Following his more than impressive rookie season, Beckham had 96 receptions for 1,450 yards which equals 15.1 yards per reception, all career highs. Beckham also had 13 touchdowns on the year which was also a career high for the Giants wide receiver. Beckham has a very bright future ahead of him and it should be very fun watching him perform throughout his career.

D/ST: Denver Broncos, 182 points: Going into the season, we all knew how great the Broncos defense was and this comes as no surprise that they were the best defense in fantasy. The Denver defense had 52 sacks, forced 14 interceptions, caused 22 fumbles, scored 6 touchdowns, and only allowed 296 points. They gave up an average, 18.5 points per game, which is outstanding. If they keep guys like, Talib, Marshall, Miller, and Ware, they should be set for next year as well and have the same production.

K: Stephen Gostkowski, 168 points: Stephen “GOAT-kowski” had another phenomenal year kicking for the Patriots, going 33/36 on field goal attempts, that’s making 91.7% of field goals. He made a career long, 57 yard field goal and was 4/5 from field goals attempted from 50+ yards. Not usually a problem, but since the extra point kick was moved back to a 33 yard kick and many kickers found this more difficult to make, Gostkowski treated it like an extra point from years past. Gostkowski shook off the thought of the longer kick and was a perfect 52/52 on extra points this season. What more could you want from your kicker who is that accurate?

Total: 2,027 Fantasy Points

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*Comment down below any opinions or suggestions you have about the article. Let me know if you had any of the guys listed above and if they helped you greatly in your quest for a fantasy football championship and most importantly, bragging rights! Since the fantasy year is over, this will be the last edition of this article this year.*

NFL Week 17 Picks

Thank you for reading my picks the past couple of weeks. This may be my last article for the regular season, but next week I will debut my first NFL playoff picks on my blog. Thank you again and be sure to share!

Last week: 9-7

*Bold indicates the winner of the match-up*

Philadelphia @ New York Giants: Both teams have nothing to play for this season and both teams have had very disappointing seasons considering preseason expectations. This was tough to choose but since the Eagles were relieved of their head coach, they might be able to pull something together to redeem their disastrous season. The score may be close or a blow out, it’s anybody’s call at this point, but the Eagles will finish the season a measly 7-9.

New York Jets @ Buffalo: The Jets just came off of a big win and they have better talent on both sides of the ball. LeSean McCoy is still out and the Jets run defense is already very good so it will be tough for the Bills to get anything going on offense. Watkins will likely be covered by Revis so I can’t imagine the Bills spoiling the Jets a potential playoff berth.

New England @ Miami: New England is still competing for a number one seed in the AFC and the Dolphins don’t have much fight in them right now. The Pats may be banged up but as long as Brady and Gronk are healthy, their offense can be deadly. This shouldn’t be a tough game for the Patriots to win.

Baltimore @ Cincinnati: With AJ McCarron still at quarterback, the Bengals still hold legitimate chances to win any given game. The Ravens won what might have been a fluke last week against the Steelers and I doubt they can win two games in a row, especially facing the Bengals in Cincinnati. The Bengals should win, but don’t be surprised if it’s a close game.

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland: Pittsburgh suffered a terrible loss to the Ravens last week and now they are desperate for a win this week to keep their playoff hopes alive. Pittsburgh’s offense is very good and Cleveland’s defense is, well, not good enough to keep up with their offense. I doubt their offense will be that bad two weeks in a row. Pittsburgh will win this game fairly easily.

Jacksonville @ Houston: Jacksonville is an inconsistent football team but when their offense shows up, it is a good show to watch. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that they will perform very well on Sunday against Houston. Houston will be fighting for a playoff spot and have been playing well lately but sometimes these streaks come to an end and I feel like this upset is very possible.

Tennessee @ Indianapolis: Tennessee has had more downs than ups this season and those ups were possible because of Marcus Mariota. Unfortunately for the Titans, Mariota was ruled out for the rest of the season with an injury. The Colts may have to use their third string quarterback so picking this game was actually very tough, but I went with my gut and thought the Colts would be the winners at home.

Washington @ Dallas: Washington clinched the division last week and they are by far the best team in this match up. The Redskins may bench their starters, as they are already locked in the playoffs as the number 4 seed, but I can’t picture the Cowboys winning this game, especially how their season has gone so far and their record at home. It may not be a good game to watch but the Redskins should win.

Detroit @ Chicago: This game is meaningless to both teams so neither team is playing for anything. Detroit, on paper, is the better team because they have turned things around halfway through the season. Alshon Jeffrey is out for the final game of the season so the Bears only weapons on offense is Langford and Forte, and I don’t think they can carry that offense alone.

New Orleans @ Atlanta: Atlanta still has all of the tools on offense to win and they just took down the best team in the NFL. Devonta Freeman has been running better than he has in previous weeks and New Orleans is too inconsistent right now to handle the likes of Julio Jones, considering how well he has been playing this year.

Oakland @ Kansas City: Kansas City is hands down, the hottest team in football. They have won their previous 9 games. Now that they are competing for a potential division title, they should have enough fight in them to make it a 10 game win streak. Oakland is still a really good football team but I believe that the Chiefs have the divisional edge this week.

Tampa Bay @ Carolina: Although Carolina suffered their first loss last week, they are still one of the best teams in the league. Add in the fact that they are playing at home and I believe this will be an easy win for Carolina. Tampa Bay’s only hope is that Doug Martin plays like he usually does and Jameis Winston steps up, but the chances of that happening against Carolina’s stout defense is slim.

San Diego @ Denver: Denver has been a question mark these past two months but Brock Osweiler has proved he can play at the NFL level. San Diego is still not that good of a team and with the combination of Hillman and Anderson in the backfield and all of the other weapons on offense, the Broncos are destined to win this week and the AFC West division.

Seattle @ Arizona: I’ve been saying for weeks that the Arizona Cardinals are the best team overall in the NFL. Record would show that they are the 2nd best, but if you consider Carolina’s strength of schedule, I think Arizona has the edge. That being said, Arizona has already defeated the Seahawks earlier this year in Seattle. The Cards also have a shot at the number 1 seed in the NFC so hopefully that’s enough motivation for them to win.

St. Louis @ San Francisco: St. Louis has been under the radar this season with two wins against Seattle and a win against the Cardinals. Though, just when they look good one week, they do bad the next. Both of these teams have had disappointing seasons this year but the Rams are a better team. The 49ers have disappointed me in the past so I refuse to have faith in them. Todd Gurley should have a field day as the Rams win easily against the vulnerable 49ers.

Minnesota @ Green Bay: I have predicted earlier this season that the Packers would lose to both the Bears and Lions at home and I was right both times. So now, I’m going for the hat trick with the Vikings beating the Packers in Green Bay. I’m not doing this for the sake of hopefully getting it right, but the Vikings actually have a legitimate shot at winning this football game. It will surely be close but Minnesota will pull off the upset.

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NFL Studs and Duds: Week 16

We all made it through week 16. Well, only some people at least. All of the playoff teams in the NFC are decided, the only thing that can change is the NFC North champion which will be decided Sunday night between the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers. Also, the number 1 seed is still up for grabs, If the Cardinals win and the Panthers lose, the Cardinals will steal the number 1 seed from Carolina. It’s nice having a general outlook on the playoff picture in the NFC a week before the season ends, especially since all of the teams are locked in. On the other hand, the AFC still has some work to do in week 17. In order for the Steelers to go to playoffs, they must defeat the Browns and hope Rex Ryan can beat his former team, the Jets. If the Patriots win against Miami, then they will claim the number 1 seed in the AFC. If New England loses, then that opens the door for the Broncos to claim that spot if they beat the San Diego Chargers. The Colts have a very long 10-part equation which gives them a very slim of chance of winning the division. The Texans have the AFC South pretty much locked up, they control their own destiny at this point. If Houston wins, they are in the playoffs.

I think the Jets should receive a lot of credit this week considering the circumstances. If they didn’t defeat the Patriots in overtime, then their chances of making the playoffs would almost be non-existent. The fact that the Jets stepped up to the occasion against the division leading Patriots, who were boasting an impressive 12-2 record and a number 1 seed in the AFC, is impressive and deserves all of the recognition and credit in the world.

The Eagles have officially fired Chip Kelly. The sports world has been shocked since the news broke that the third year coach out of Oregon was fired one game before the season ended. Kelly tallied 26 wins and 21 losses in his three year stint in Philadelphia, which is a very decent start to a coaching career. What got him fired was that he took over the Eagles organization and brought in specific players to bring the Eagles to the playoffs. His plan didn’t exactly work out and Philly couldn’t even bring themselves to win their disastrous division. It was a great (almost) three years for the Oregon coach but as we learn time and time again, never make a guarantee that you can’t follow through on. R.I.P. Philadelphia Eagles Chip Kelly, you may be missed. 2013-2015.

Now, on to more important matters. The studs and duds of the NFL in week 16. These players either performed at levels that exceeded expectations or failed to meet them last week. Stats alone are sometimes not enough to put a particular person in this article, it can be a variety of different things. These things include performance in prime time, pressure, or how that person helped fuel or bring down their team to a loss. So here they are, the studs and duds of the NFL.

image 5

Jordan Reed, Washington Redskins: Jordan Reed is one of the leagues most versatile and talented tight ends. His career has been riddled with injuries before and even missed two games earlier this season due to injury. Fortunately for him, Sunday was one example of why he should be mentioned as one the leagues elite at the position. Reed would put up monster numbers against the Eagles defense. The Redskins tight end would reel in 9 of his 11 targets to gain 129 yards and also add on 2 touchdowns. Reed continues to get numerous looks from quarterback Kirk Cousins and the duo seem unstoppable as they just clinched the Redskins their first division title since 2012. Likely to be rested next week before the playoffs, Reed probably won’t produce too much next week against the Dallas Cowboys.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, New York Jets: Ryan Fitzpatrick has been a very consistent quarterback for the Jets this season. He has also acquired  a large fan base along the way, sporting his grizzly beard throughout the season. It was his performance on Sunday that put him in the category as a top 10 quarterback. Against the 12-2 Patriots, Fitzpatrick was 26 for 41, threw for 296 yards and threw for three touchdowns. These are not stats that jump off the page at you but it’s how he led his team to victory under the circumstances that landed him as a stud this week. The Jets are desperately fighting for that last playoff spot with the Steelers. They were also facing arguably the best team in the NFL who also happens to be in their division, they faced the Patriots and eventually went to overtime where he led his team down field and score the winning the touchdown. It was a great week for Fitzpatrick and it didn’t go unnoticed.

Tim Hightower, New Orleans Saints: Sunday, Hightower proved that he can take over for injured Mark Ingram. Hightower would rush the ball on 27 attempts and use those carries to good use, piling on 122 yards on the ground, which averages out to 4.5 yards per carry. The Saints RB also added 2 touchdowns  on the day against the Jaguars. Hightower was also utilized in the passing game as well. He had 3 receptions that went for 47 yards. The Saints season may be over but they earned a much needed win against a thriving Jaguars team and it was helped in part from the California native. Hightower has had his share of fame in the NFL and also experienced his downs in his career but he may have found something that can get him back on track as a starter in the NFL.

image 4

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers: Just like I mentioned last week, Newton would not appear in this article because of his continuous and consistent elite playing ability week to week, but I also mentioned that he would only appear in this if he was a dud. This week, he was in fact, a huge and major disappointment. Newton posted his worst numbers of the season. He was 17/30, threw for 0 zero touchdowns and only threw  for 142 yards against the division rival Falcons. He did rush the ball 7 times for 46 yards and even rushed for a touchdown on the first drive of the game. That was his only highlight of the game, and if you think those stats look bad, here is how his final drive of the game went. The Panthers were working from behind with time running out in the 4th quarter and Newton took a sack and fumbled the ball that was recovered by the Falcons to inevitably, end the game, and end the Panthers perfect season. Cam and the Panthers are still 14-1 but I’m sure they will not forget the embarrassing play they produced on Sunday against Atlanta.

Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers: Yet, another disappointing week for an elite QB. Roethlisberger had arguably the worst game of the season in the Steelers week 16 loss to the Ravens. Completion wise, he had a decent day, 24 for 34, but the veteran quarterback would not throw a single touchdown and would give away two interceptions to the Ravens shaky defense. Even worse, Big Ben barely threw for 200 yards, only throwing for 215 on the day. It was the 2nd to last week of the season and the Steelers needed to win on Sunday to give themselves an even better chance at making the playoffs as a wildcard. The Jets, who won on Sunday, have the edge on the Steelers now since Pittsburgh lost and now control their own destiny next week. The Steelers now have to hope that the Jets lose their season finale and that they win their final game against Cleveland. Roethlisberger needed to step up this week and because he didn’t, the Steelers may miss out on the playoffs this year. Ben Roethlisberger is undoubtedly a dud this week.

Doug Martin, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: It’s hard to believe that a running back who scores a touchdown can find himself a dud for the week but on Sunday, that was exactly the case for Tampa Bay RB Doug Martin. The “Muscle Hamster” started the game off very well with a four yard touchdown run, but didn’t do that much afterwards. the fourth year running back rushed the ball a total of 17 times for 49 yards, a measly 2.9 yards per carry. He was only available in the pass game once for one reception that would go for 6 yards. Unfortunately, Martin would fumble the ball twice that would both be recovered by the Bears. The Bucs only lost by 5 points and losing two possessions that quickly in the game was detrimental to the Buccaneers  on Sun day. Martin is a fantastic running back and this game was a mere bump in the road on the season. Fortunately, Tampa Bay was out of playoff contention already and this game didn’t mean too much to the Bucs season. Martin landed as a dud this week and as we have seen before, it is very easy to bounce back from a bad week.

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Fantasy Football Best of the Best: Week 16

It was a rough week in fantasy this week, for most people. About 20% of people made their championship in their fantasy football leagues, assuming it is a 10 person league. Contained in that 20%, half of them are in the lead and the other half are scrambling to maybe find that one guy off of the waiver wire that can maybe change their fortunes the next week. I am one of those people. It pained me to write this article this week because I faced some of the guys listed on here in my fantasy league. I wrote this segment for the first time last week and received positive feedback about it, so I’m back again to introduce you guys to my “Perfect Fantasy Lineup” for week 16 in the NFL.

Remember, these were the highest performing fantasy players in ESPN standard scoring leagues last week. What they did other than their score means nothing in this article. The FLEX position is given to the player who was either the third best performer at the RB or WR position or the second best performer at the TE position. So here they are, the best of the best:

QB: Kirk Cousins, 32 points- The Redskins QB had a great day again. He threw for 4 touchdowns for the second straight week although he didn’t rush for one this time. He threw for 365 yards against the Eagles which was a season high. Cousins even led his team to an NFC East division title and continues his run of dominance.

RB: Tim Hightower, 28 points- Hightower proved how well he can play this season by scoring 28 points against the Jaguars. He rushed the ball 27 times for 122 yards and added 47 yards on 3 receptions. The Saints RB also scored 2 rushing touchdowns on the day. Not too bad for a backup running back.

RB: DeAngelo Williams, 27 points- Williams is continuing his dominance as a fill in for injured LeVeon Bell. The veteran running back tacked on 100 yards on 17 attempts. Williams also added on 53 yards on 6 receptions. The Steelers are more than happy to have this elite back up running back.

WR: Brandon Marshall, 23 points- The veteran wide receiver  looked unstoppable against the Patriots. Marshall had 8 receptions that accumulated to 115 yards. The Jets receiver also acquired 2 touchdowns on the day to help him be one of the highest scoring receivers of the day with 23 points.

WR: Julio Jones, 23 points- Julio looked like classic Julio on Sunday against the stout Panthers secondary. The Falcons receiver had a total of 9 receptions for a whopping 178 yards. Jones also added a touchdown on a 70 yard pass from Matt Ryan. Julio continues to be one of the best in the league.

TE: Jordan Reed, 24 points- An outstanding performance was given to us on Saturday by Jordan Reed as he tore up the Eagles defense. He had 9 receptions that would go for 2 touchdowns as well as 129 yards. This is the second straight week that Reed scored 2 touchdowns and he is quickly becoming one of the best in the league.

FLEX: Allen Hurns, 22 points- The young Jaguars receiver is having a career year and it didn’t stop on Sunday against the Saints. Hurns had 8 receptions that would account for 2 touchdowns as well as 106 receiving yards. The Jaguars offense is bright, young, and talented. They will be scary in the next couple years.

D/ST: Cardinals, 35 points- We all know that the Cardinals defense is one of the leagues best, if not, the best, but scoring 35 points in fantasy is almost unheard of. The cards gave up 8 points to the Green Bay Packers and added 9 sacks, 3 fumble recoveries, 2 touchdowns, 1 interception, and gave up less than 200 yards. Again, this is unheard of especially against the Packers.

K: Blair Walsh, 23 points- Even though he missed an extra point, Walsh was kicking his way to another great day. The Vikings kicker made 4 extra points and tacked on field goals from 32, 52, 22, 53, and 27 yards. Almost treating the game like practice, Walsh didn’t look like he was going to miss anything on Sunday.

TOTAL: 237 fantasy points

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*Comment down below your opinions or suggestions and comment if you had any of these guys on your fantasy team that helped you secure a win in your fantasy playoffs*

NFL Week 16 Picks

Last week: 10-6

*Bold indicates the winner of the match-up*

San Diego @ Oakland– San Diego is coming off a big win against Miami and Oakland just endured a loss to the Packers at home. Momentum won’t play a big part in this match up for the Chargers. San Diego may have just been pumped up knowing it may have been their last game played in San Diego. Oakland should have no problem rebounding from last week.

Washington @ Philadelphia- Yes, according to this prediction I believe the Redskins will win the NFC East. The Eagles can be argued that they are  a fluke and the redskins have been motivated by Kirk Cousins performances this season. Although Bradford has looked better, the Redskins should win in this high scoring affair.

Indianapolis @ Miami– Indianapolis has been one of the most inconsistent teams in the NFL, but so have the Dolphins. What I took into consideration for this pick is that the Dolphins offense is very good most weeks and the Colts defense is bad…most weeks. The Dolphins should pull off the victory in Miami.

New England @ New York Jets- On paper, the Patriots are a better team than the Jets, but the Jets are also known to play spoiler to many different teams throughout the past couple years. Coach Bill Belichick is also considering resting his starters for the playoffs. I doubt that Belichick would ease off of the gas pedal this close to the playoffs. New England should win handily this week.

Houston @ Tennessee- Houston, as mentioned last week, is one of the hottest teams in football, and coming off of a huge division win on the road to Indy, there’s no stopping them now. To make matters worse for the Titans is that star rookie quarterback, Marcus Mariota, is out for the season with a knee injury. The Texans should hopefully be able to hold off the vulnerable Titans on the road.

Cleveland @ Kansas City– The Chiefs defense is rolling, Alex Smith is clicking on all cylinders, and the Cleveland Browns are the Cleveland Browns. Barring an unexpected upset, The Chiefs will roll on through to week 17.

San Francisco @ Detroit– The Lions just came off of a huge win versus the Saints in New Orleans. Matt Stafford has fell into a groove on offense and nothing is stopping him from dropping a massive amount of touchdowns to finish the year. Besides, every time I pick the struggling 49ers for an upset, it is me who gets upset in the end.

Carolina @ Atlanta- This is a game to watch. Carolina is undefeated and the Atlanta Falcons are going to want some revenge for that embarrassing display of football a couple weeks ago. Atlanta can be the team to beat the Panthers, especially if they are at home. Nonetheless, Carolina is still a dominant force and realistically they should have no problem handling the Falcons on both sides of the ball.

Chicago @ Tampa Bay– Jameis Winston is still, in my mind, a solid quarterback. Maybe not the most polished rookie we’ve seen but he can get the job done. Match him up against the shaky Chicago defense and he should be able to handle the Bears easily. The Bears, however, have shown signs of playing better on offense so this game could be high scoring. Bucs win at home this week.

Dallas @ Buffalo– Dallas just can’t seem to win. Buffalo also can outplay them at almost every position on both sides of the ball. Dallas does seem to play better on the road and both teams are destined to be out of the playoffs again so it would be no surprise if this game was close. Buffalo will still be able to win in week 16.

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore- Pittsburgh’s offense just walked through the Denver defense and the Baltimore defense is no where close to that caliber. The Steelers have also looked a little better on defense the past few weeks there is no way, they should have a problem facing the Ravens this week. Pittsburgh should dominate this game.

Jacksonville @ New Orleans- Jacksonville is arguably better than Detroit, who just beat the Saints at home, and they have all of the tools to spoil the Saints final home game of the season. Drew Brees has been throwing really well so I would expect a high scoring game this week considering both teams are a capable of losing a game because of defense. Jags should come out on top this week.

Green Bay @ Arizona– Arizona is really good on both sides of the football. Green Bay is good on offense and have an average defense. That defense may not be enough to stop one of the bets offenses in the NFL. The only chance the Packers have is if their run game shows up. Since the game is at home for the Cardinals and they are still in contention for home field advantage, they should have enough motivation to win.

St. Louis @ Seattle– No one can argue that the Seahawks are the best team in the NFL. There’s no doubt. Even though Gurley from the Rams has looked better this past week, I think the Seahawks can overcome that obstacle and be able to put up a lot of points against the Rams. It can be high scoring, surprisingly, but the Seahawks are just a better team overall.

New York Giants @ Minnesota– The Giants have almost no shot to win the NFC East and the Vikings are a game out of first place. With more on the line and more to play for in their division. The Vikings have looked revamped this year and the Giants have absolutely no life in the fourth quarter and with Beckham out for this game, Minnesota should have a good grasp on this game.

Cincinnati @ Denver– Assuming Andy Dalton doesn’t play, Denver should win this game easily. Now it should be a fairly low scoring game but it has potential for both sides to put up a lot of points. Denver is still a force to be reckoned with, even with a young quarterback starting for them and A.J. McCarron has potential to do great things with the Bengals but for now I believe that Denver should handle him pretty well.

NFL Studs and Duds: Week 15

Fifteen weeks down, two to go and there are many topics to talk about as we depart week 15 and head to week 16. Right now there are tight division races being played that still haven’t been decided yet. The Broncos and Chiefs have become the most interesting division foes going at it for the division title. The Chiefs are now only one game back from first place in the division. It seems like the Texans are going to run away with the division now that they defeated the Colts in Indianapolis. The Pittsburgh Steelers are two games back in the AFC North of the Cincinnati Bengals and if the Steelers win their last two games and the Bengals lose their last two games then the Steelers will probably be the AFC North champions. The ugly division race in the NFC East is finally starting to clear up. The Redskins can clinch the division with a win on Saturday against the Eagles, Philadelphia just needs to win their last two games to win the division and the Giants need to win their last two games and the Redskins to lose their last two to win that mess of a division. Very quickly, I think it should be noted that this is the first time in Houston Texans history that they defeated the Colts in Indianapolis. That’s pretty extraordinary. All the credit in the world to the Texans and the season they are having right now.

Now, we move to the studs and duds of week 15 and it’s important to keep in mind that these players don’t have to be particularly the best performer of the week or the worst. These players exceeded their weekly expectations or fell very very short of what was expected of them. So, with out further adieu, here they are!

image 1

David Johnson, Arizona Cardinals- What can be said about David Johnson besides, “Wow”. The rookie from Northern Iowa had a career day on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. He had 29 carries that would go for 187 yards and 3 touchdowns. Johnson averaged a whopping 6.4 yards per carry. The rookie also added 42 receiving yards on 4 receptions. He also showed his dominance as a runner by proving that he can run well with in space and break tackles as well. It’s hard to believe that this young star was slated as the third string running back at the beginning of the year, although he has shown that he can perform well as a pass catching running back throughout the season. This bright young star has a big future ahead of him if he keeps up this type of play. Regardless if Chris Johnson or Andre Ellington come back from injury, the Cardinals backfield should be stacked from here on out and should have no worries going into the playoffs.

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers- It should come as no surprise that Cam Newton is in this article as a stud, he should be in it every week, but what I try to achieve in this article is dominance as well as exceeding expectations. If expectations are high and the player does good, what is there to write about? That being said, Cam Newton is a more than deserving candidate as a Stud this week with the performance he gave on Sunday against the Giants. Newton completed 25 of his 45 pass attempts that would go for 340 yards and 5 touchdowns. He would also rush for a season high 100 yards on 8 carries, which averages 12.5 yards per carry. Cam Newton WILL win the MVP award this year and with that being said, I will more than likely leave him out of this article for the rest of the season unless he is a dud (which is unlikely) or if he happens to completely go off and accumulate 6+ total touchdowns in a week.

Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskins- Kirk Cousins, like I had mentioned in other articles, is a hit or miss type of player who is able to either shine on the field or have a disastrous outing. Week 15 was a week that the young quarterback would shine. Cousins would complete 22 of his 28 passes and throw for 319 yards. He found the end-zone 4 times, 2 of which to tight end Jordan Reed, and would not throw any interceptions. It wasn’t just his arm that was on fire on Sunday, Cousins also rushed 3 times for 11 yards and 1 touchdown, increasing his total touchdowns on the day to 5. In the middle of a tight division race, Cousins has definitely stepped up and is about to lead his team to a division title. His teammates have trusted him to lead the offense and he has done so very well. He has a chance to clinch the NFC East division title on Saturday against the Eagles.

image 2

Buck Allen, Baltimore Ravens- It pains me to see that just two weeks ago, Javorius “Buck” Allen, was a stud and now he is a dud. It’s fitting that he is a dud this week considering the high expectations he has set for himself the past couple weeks. On Sunday against the Chiefs, Allen rushed the ball 4 times for only 18 yards and even lost a fumble. He failed to have a reception in the game and failed to reach the end-zone. It was even decided that Allen would be benched for most of the game and let Terrance West play most of the snaps. Allen has a lot of potential to be good which means he will probably be able to redeem himself next week, but for now Buck will unfortunately remain a dud.

T.Y. Hilton, Indianapolis Colts- It had seemed like that after last weeks 132 yard game and the 2 touchdown performance two weeks before that, that T.Y. is finally settling in with Hasselbeck at quarterback. This past Sunday proved otherwise. Hilton was targeted 5 times and caught 3 passes for just 29 yards. It has been a very rough year for Hilton, although he’s been fairly consistent, he hasn’t had a lot of breakout type of games this year and I’m sure that T.Y. is really missing Andrew Luck right about now. Until Luck comes back from injury, it should come as no surprise if Hilton has a bad week.

Chris Ivory, New York Jets- Ivory has been a very solid running back this year, nothing too spectacular, but he has filled the role of a starting running back quite well for the New York Jets. His match up against the Cowboys on Saturday seemed like he could’ve gone off and had a field day but that was not what happened in Dallas. Ivory posted a stat line that could be argued, was one of his worst games of the year. He rushed the ball  13 times and only produced 37 yards out of it and adding on a 5 yard reception. Ivory is more than capable of turning things around, after setting the bar so high for himself in the preseason and his inconsistent hit or miss games, this performance was just bad enough to land him as a dud for the week.

**Comment down below any opinions, suggestions or questions you have about the article. Also, comment any studs or duds that you noticed from week 15 that didn’t quite make the list this week.**


Fantasy Football Best of the Best: Week 15

This article is purely for me, as well as you, to enjoy the many wonders that Fantasy Football gives us. I am partly celebrating my first championship berth in a fantasy football league and I figured since a major population of people enjoy Fantasy Football, you would enjoy this article as much as I am writing it.

These players were the top fantasy performers at their positions. These scores are based off of a standard ESPN Fantasy Football scoring system. The FLEX position is simply decided by the best scorer that either wasn’t a top two WR, RB, or the best TE. Even though the chances of this team existing is slim, if you owned this team your match up in Fantasy would be very favorable to you. So just sit back and enjoy this article!

QB: Cam Newton, 41 points- Newton totaled 40+ fantasy points for the first time this season and he did so in a big way. He threw for 340 yards and 5 passing touchdowns. Newton also added 100 rushing yards on 8 attempts. It was his first 100 yard rushing game of the season as well.

RB: David Johnson, 40 points-  Johnson broke the 40 point mark for the first time as well this season. He had a total of 33 touches on Sunday for 229 yards. He rushed the ball 29 times for 187 yards and added on 4 receptions for 42 yards. A career day for sure for Johnson who amassed 3 rushing touchdowns.

RB: Danny Woodhead, 30 points- A dual threat running back, Woodhead totaled  4 touchdowns on the day. He rushed the ball 8 times for 10 yards but scored once on the ground. Through the air, he had 6 receptions for 50 yards and 3 touchdowns. Woodhead now has 9 total touchdowns this season.

WR: Antonio Brown, 30 points- Always a threat in any format,Brown amassed 16 receptions, boasting 189 receiving yards on the day. He would also add on 2 touchdowns on the day. If I had done this type of article regularly, Brown would land in it more than most players.

WR: Emmanuel Sanders, 26 points- The speedy receiver finally broke loose this season. He had his first double digit receptions game of the year and put those receptions to good use. He had 181 receiving  yards and caught his fifth touchdown of the season. He also displayed his rushing skills on Sunday with a 24 yard rush.

TE: Jordan Reed, 20 points- Plagued by an injury earlier this year, Reed returned to his normal form on Sunday. The tight end gained 84 yards on 7 receptions and added 2 touchdowns. Now that he is finally in his Pro Bowl form, Reed is a great tight end in any fantasy format.

FLEX: Amari Cooper, 24 points- Rookie standout, Amari Cooper had arguably his best day as a professional on Sunday. He had 6 receptions that would go for 120 yards and the rookie would add 2 touchdowns to his day as well. This was Coopers first multi touchdown game of the season.

D/ST: Chiefs, 20 points- The Chiefs defense only allowed 14 points to the Ravens on Sunday. They also forced three turnovers including 2 interceptions and 1 fumble recovery. On the day, they also scored an outlandish 2 touchdowns off of the turnovers. They would also add 2 sacks to the day.

K: Stephen Gostkowski, 16 points- Gostkowski, or as some call him “GOATkowski”,went 4 for 5 on field goals on Sunday. He made a 42 yarder and a 43 yarder as well as from 32 yards and 38 yards. The Patriots offense also helped him to tack on 3 extra points as well off of touchdowns.

Total: 247 points

*Comment down below your opinions and comment if you had any of these guys on your fantasy team that helped you secure a win in your playoffs*

NFL Week 15 Picks

Last Week: 11-5

*Bold indicates the winner of match-up*

Tampa Bay @ St. Louis- Tampa Bay isn’t good, but they are good enough to beat the Rams on any given day. One of two outcomes will happen between these two team: Tampa will over come the Rams defense or both teams will be held to a low score. Either way, the Buccaneers will come out on top.

New York Jets @ Dallas- Ryan Fitzpatrick has been playing very well  which is enough to convince me they will win. I can’t imagine the banged up Cowboys stopping them, especially with Matt Cassel under center. The Jets should be able to leave Dallas with a victory.

Carolina @ New York Giants- Carolina is 13-0 and Cam Newton is making average receivers look like Pro Bowlers. It’s hard to picture the Giants stopping that high powered offense. If the Giants have any hope for a win they need to put up some numbers on offense like last week, but then again Josh Norman will be shadowing OBJ all game.

Chicago @ Minnesota– Chicago has been playing better lately but Minnesota will probably come out with the win on Sunday. Minnesota is motivated by their position in the NFC North and has a chance to go to the playoffs. Adrian Peterson has been on fire this season and he will be able to ease his way through the Chicago defense.

Atlanta @ Jacksonville– Yes, the Jaguars put up 51 points last week but they played the defensively vulnerable Colts. On the other hand, Atlanta has been one of the worst teams in the league and the way Blake Bortles has been playing, I can’t imagine the Jaguars losing.

Houston @ Indianapolis- The Colts have looked vulnerable on both sides of the ball this season and Houston has been steadily improving as the season has gone on. Since it is a division game, it could go both ways but the Texans season is riding on this game and that will be enough for them to win in Indianapolis.

Tennessee @ New England– New England’s offense is back to it’s original form now that Gronk is back at tight end. Tennessee just lost to the Jets 30-8, which is a team that is not as talented as the Patriots. The Titans running backs, which have been non existent, will have no impact on the game and the Patriots will put the pressure on Mariota the whole game. The Patriots should win handily.

Kansas City @ Baltimore- Kansas City has been one of the hottest teams in football lately and Alex Smith is playing the best he has in a while. Baltimore on the other hand, hasn’t looked good even when Flacco wasn’t injured. The Chiefs defense has been amazing as well, they have yet to give up more than 22 points to a team since week 4. The Chiefs should have no problem handling the Ravens.

Buffalo @ Washington- This is a tough decision but the Bills are probably the most likely to win this game. The Bills have guys on all parts of offense that can get the ball downfield and Kirk Cousins can either be a hit or miss week to week. I think the Redskins will fall to the Bills.

Cleveland @ Seattle– Seattle is too good to lose this game. Not that they have a great record or anything but the way they have been playing is too good for the Browns to handle. Add in the fact that the game will be played in Seattle and it’s almost a lock that Seattle wins this game.

Green Bay @ Oakland– This might be the upset of the week but I have a feeling that Oakland may pull this off. They have a very solid offense that will face the average Packers defense. Aaron Rodgers may or may not show up this week and The Raiders defense is coming off a game where they limited the Denver offense to no touchdowns and a win. It’s going to be a win for Oakland.

Denver @ Pittsburgh– This is a tough pick but the Steelers have been playing very well and Denver has been struggling lately. The Steelers defense can easily outplay the Denver offense if they are clicking on all cylinders. The only test for the Steelers is the Denver defense. This will likely be a low scoring game with the Steelers coming out on top.

Miami @ San Diego- San Diego has been terrible. No run game. No defense. No Keenan Allen. You hate to guarantee a win especially if it’s the Dolphins but Miami should have no problem dominating on offense this week.

Cincinnati @ San Francisco- Although the Bengals lost Andy Dalton, I don’t think they will have much trouble with the 49ers. As long as they have their weapons on offense A.J. McCarron should still perform very well, being an inexperienced NFL quarterback. The 49ers haven’t  impressed much this season and it’s likely they won’t outperform the Cincinnati Bengals.

Arizona @ Philadelphia- Arizona is arguably the NFL’s best team and they still have yet to slow down on offense. The Eagles have had their fair share of struggles on defense this year as well as offense. Since the Eagles will be facing one of the leagues best defenses and considering their history of playing at home the past couple years, the Cardinals will walk out of Philly with a win.

Detroit @ New Orleans– Calvin Johnson usually shines in prime time football but I have a feeling that since the Saints are at home, they can win. Drew Brees is due to have a big game and he can make that happen against a suspect Detroit secondary. Since the Saints also have a very vulnerable defense , this game should be a shootout between two high powered offenses. It may be close but the Saints will win this week.

**Comment down below any picks you might have that don’t match mine and why you chose those picks. Share your opinions, suggestions, and comments down below as well and make sure to share with your friends and see who they picked**