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Fantasy Football Best of the Best: The Perfect Team

Since this is the last edition of this article, I decided to change the last one from the top performers of the week, to the top performers of the year. These guys are on this “perfect team” strictly for fantasy points. Clutch performances and favorites do not apply in this article. The point system is based off the standard ESPN scoring league. The FLEX position was either the third highest scoring wide receiver and running back or second highest scoring tight end. The points listed next to the players are their season total in standard ESPN fantasy leagues. Thanks for reading these articles and enjoy!

QB: Cam Newton, 373 points: Newton has had an MVP caliber season and his stats show for it. Cam threw for 3,837 passing yards and 35 touchdowns while only throwing 10 interceptions. We all know Cam can run and he definitely used his running abilities to his advantage this season. He ran for 636 yards and totaled 10 rushing touchdowns on the year. Newton will likely win MVP this season, considering he led all QB in total touchdowns, among other categories. Surely, a career year for Cam Newton.

RB: Devonta Freeman, 231 points: This breakout star made his name in week 3 of the regular season when he ran for 141 yards and 3 touchdowns. He would end the season rushing for 1,061  yards averaging 4.0 yards per carry and have 11 rushing touchdowns. He was also a threat in the passing game with 73 receptions for 578 yards and 3 touchdowns. He had 14 total touchdowns on the year and he was the #1 running back by far this season.

RB: Adrian Peterson, 217 points: The veteran had another outstanding year and he is definitely my comeback player of the year. The Viking rushed for 1,418 rushing yards for a whopping  4.6 yards per carry and 10 rushing touchdowns. He’s not a huge threat as a receiver but it should be noted that he had 29 receptions for a total of 221 yards. Peterson took criticism before the season started, like, that the 30 year old is running out of gas but clearly, he is not.

WR: Antonio Brown, 243 points: It’s not surprising that Antonio Brown was the # 1 receiver in the NFL this year. The Pro Bowl wide out had a total of 136 receptions that went for a whopping 1,834 yards which equals a  13.5 yards per catch ratio. Brown also had 10 touchdowns this season which is outstanding that landed him 5th among all NFL wide receivers in that category. Brown had another fantastic year and next year he should perform even better considering Ben Roethlisberger wasn’t healthy all season.

WR: Julio Jones, 221 points: Julio! The Falcons receiver had another great season that he can hang his hat on. The Alabama product had 127 receptions this season for 1,722 yards which is a 13.6 yards per catch average. Jones also had 8 receiving touchdowns this season which ties his second highest total of his career. It was a pleasure to watch a healthy Julio Jones play this year because he is one of the most enjoyable players to watch week in and week out.

TE: Rob Gronkowski, 176 points: Gronk had another successful and generally healthy year this season. The Patriots tight end tallied 72 receptions for 1,176 yards, averaging 16.3 yards per catch. Gronkowski also boasted 11 receiving touchdowns on the year which ties his 3rd most in his career. Rob Gronkowski, for the foreseeable future, will continue to dominate in the NFL and set the mark for other tight ends to beat every year.

FLEX: Odell Beckham Jr., 216 points: The sophomore receiver out of LSU continues his run of productive seasons. Following his more than impressive rookie season, Beckham had 96 receptions for 1,450 yards which equals 15.1 yards per reception, all career highs. Beckham also had 13 touchdowns on the year which was also a career high for the Giants wide receiver. Beckham has a very bright future ahead of him and it should be very fun watching him perform throughout his career.

D/ST: Denver Broncos, 182 points: Going into the season, we all knew how great the Broncos defense was and this comes as no surprise that they were the best defense in fantasy. The Denver defense had 52 sacks, forced 14 interceptions, caused 22 fumbles, scored 6 touchdowns, and only allowed 296 points. They gave up an average, 18.5 points per game, which is outstanding. If they keep guys like, Talib, Marshall, Miller, and Ware, they should be set for next year as well and have the same production.

K: Stephen Gostkowski, 168 points: Stephen “GOAT-kowski” had another phenomenal year kicking for the Patriots, going 33/36 on field goal attempts, that’s making 91.7% of field goals. He made a career long, 57 yard field goal and was 4/5 from field goals attempted from 50+ yards. Not usually a problem, but since the extra point kick was moved back to a 33 yard kick and many kickers found this more difficult to make, Gostkowski treated it like an extra point from years past. Gostkowski shook off the thought of the longer kick and was a perfect 52/52 on extra points this season. What more could you want from your kicker who is that accurate?

Total: 2,027 Fantasy Points

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*Comment down below any opinions or suggestions you have about the article. Let me know if you had any of the guys listed above and if they helped you greatly in your quest for a fantasy football championship and most importantly, bragging rights! Since the fantasy year is over, this will be the last edition of this article this year.*


Fantasy Football Best of the Best: Week 16

It was a rough week in fantasy this week, for most people. About 20% of people made their championship in their fantasy football leagues, assuming it is a 10 person league. Contained in that 20%, half of them are in the lead and the other half are scrambling to maybe find that one guy off of the waiver wire that can maybe change their fortunes the next week. I am one of those people. It pained me to write this article this week because I faced some of the guys listed on here in my fantasy league. I wrote this segment for the first time last week and received positive feedback about it, so I’m back again to introduce you guys to my “Perfect Fantasy Lineup” for week 16 in the NFL.

Remember, these were the highest performing fantasy players in ESPN standard scoring leagues last week. What they did other than their score means nothing in this article. The FLEX position is given to the player who was either the third best performer at the RB or WR position or the second best performer at the TE position. So here they are, the best of the best:

QB: Kirk Cousins, 32 points- The Redskins QB had a great day again. He threw for 4 touchdowns for the second straight week although he didn’t rush for one this time. He threw for 365 yards against the Eagles which was a season high. Cousins even led his team to an NFC East division title and continues his run of dominance.

RB: Tim Hightower, 28 points- Hightower proved how well he can play this season by scoring 28 points against the Jaguars. He rushed the ball 27 times for 122 yards and added 47 yards on 3 receptions. The Saints RB also scored 2 rushing touchdowns on the day. Not too bad for a backup running back.

RB: DeAngelo Williams, 27 points- Williams is continuing his dominance as a fill in for injured LeVeon Bell. The veteran running back tacked on 100 yards on 17 attempts. Williams also added on 53 yards on 6 receptions. The Steelers are more than happy to have this elite back up running back.

WR: Brandon Marshall, 23 points- The veteran wide receiver  looked unstoppable against the Patriots. Marshall had 8 receptions that accumulated to 115 yards. The Jets receiver also acquired 2 touchdowns on the day to help him be one of the highest scoring receivers of the day with 23 points.

WR: Julio Jones, 23 points- Julio looked like classic Julio on Sunday against the stout Panthers secondary. The Falcons receiver had a total of 9 receptions for a whopping 178 yards. Jones also added a touchdown on a 70 yard pass from Matt Ryan. Julio continues to be one of the best in the league.

TE: Jordan Reed, 24 points- An outstanding performance was given to us on Saturday by Jordan Reed as he tore up the Eagles defense. He had 9 receptions that would go for 2 touchdowns as well as 129 yards. This is the second straight week that Reed scored 2 touchdowns and he is quickly becoming one of the best in the league.

FLEX: Allen Hurns, 22 points- The young Jaguars receiver is having a career year and it didn’t stop on Sunday against the Saints. Hurns had 8 receptions that would account for 2 touchdowns as well as 106 receiving yards. The Jaguars offense is bright, young, and talented. They will be scary in the next couple years.

D/ST: Cardinals, 35 points- We all know that the Cardinals defense is one of the leagues best, if not, the best, but scoring 35 points in fantasy is almost unheard of. The cards gave up 8 points to the Green Bay Packers and added 9 sacks, 3 fumble recoveries, 2 touchdowns, 1 interception, and gave up less than 200 yards. Again, this is unheard of especially against the Packers.

K: Blair Walsh, 23 points- Even though he missed an extra point, Walsh was kicking his way to another great day. The Vikings kicker made 4 extra points and tacked on field goals from 32, 52, 22, 53, and 27 yards. Almost treating the game like practice, Walsh didn’t look like he was going to miss anything on Sunday.

TOTAL: 237 fantasy points

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Fantasy Football Best of the Best: Week 15

This article is purely for me, as well as you, to enjoy the many wonders that Fantasy Football gives us. I am partly celebrating my first championship berth in a fantasy football league and I figured since a major population of people enjoy Fantasy Football, you would enjoy this article as much as I am writing it.

These players were the top fantasy performers at their positions. These scores are based off of a standard ESPN Fantasy Football scoring system. The FLEX position is simply decided by the best scorer that either wasn’t a top two WR, RB, or the best TE. Even though the chances of this team existing is slim, if you owned this team your match up in Fantasy would be very favorable to you. So just sit back and enjoy this article!

QB: Cam Newton, 41 points- Newton totaled 40+ fantasy points for the first time this season and he did so in a big way. He threw for 340 yards and 5 passing touchdowns. Newton also added 100 rushing yards on 8 attempts. It was his first 100 yard rushing game of the season as well.

RB: David Johnson, 40 points-  Johnson broke the 40 point mark for the first time as well this season. He had a total of 33 touches on Sunday for 229 yards. He rushed the ball 29 times for 187 yards and added on 4 receptions for 42 yards. A career day for sure for Johnson who amassed 3 rushing touchdowns.

RB: Danny Woodhead, 30 points- A dual threat running back, Woodhead totaled  4 touchdowns on the day. He rushed the ball 8 times for 10 yards but scored once on the ground. Through the air, he had 6 receptions for 50 yards and 3 touchdowns. Woodhead now has 9 total touchdowns this season.

WR: Antonio Brown, 30 points- Always a threat in any format,Brown amassed 16 receptions, boasting 189 receiving yards on the day. He would also add on 2 touchdowns on the day. If I had done this type of article regularly, Brown would land in it more than most players.

WR: Emmanuel Sanders, 26 points- The speedy receiver finally broke loose this season. He had his first double digit receptions game of the year and put those receptions to good use. He had 181 receiving  yards and caught his fifth touchdown of the season. He also displayed his rushing skills on Sunday with a 24 yard rush.

TE: Jordan Reed, 20 points- Plagued by an injury earlier this year, Reed returned to his normal form on Sunday. The tight end gained 84 yards on 7 receptions and added 2 touchdowns. Now that he is finally in his Pro Bowl form, Reed is a great tight end in any fantasy format.

FLEX: Amari Cooper, 24 points- Rookie standout, Amari Cooper had arguably his best day as a professional on Sunday. He had 6 receptions that would go for 120 yards and the rookie would add 2 touchdowns to his day as well. This was Coopers first multi touchdown game of the season.

D/ST: Chiefs, 20 points- The Chiefs defense only allowed 14 points to the Ravens on Sunday. They also forced three turnovers including 2 interceptions and 1 fumble recovery. On the day, they also scored an outlandish 2 touchdowns off of the turnovers. They would also add 2 sacks to the day.

K: Stephen Gostkowski, 16 points- Gostkowski, or as some call him “GOATkowski”,went 4 for 5 on field goals on Sunday. He made a 42 yarder and a 43 yarder as well as from 32 yards and 38 yards. The Patriots offense also helped him to tack on 3 extra points as well off of touchdowns.

Total: 247 points

*Comment down below your opinions and comment if you had any of these guys on your fantasy team that helped you secure a win in your playoffs*