NFL Week 17 Picks

Thank you for reading my picks the past couple of weeks. This may be my last article for the regular season, but next week I will debut my first NFL playoff picks on my blog. Thank you again and be sure to share!

Last week: 9-7

*Bold indicates the winner of the match-up*

Philadelphia @ New York Giants: Both teams have nothing to play for this season and both teams have had very disappointing seasons considering preseason expectations. This was tough to choose but since the Eagles were relieved of their head coach, they might be able to pull something together to redeem their disastrous season. The score may be close or a blow out, it’s anybody’s call at this point, but the Eagles will finish the season a measly 7-9.

New York Jets @ Buffalo: The Jets just came off of a big win and they have better talent on both sides of the ball. LeSean McCoy is still out and the Jets run defense is already very good so it will be tough for the Bills to get anything going on offense. Watkins will likely be covered by Revis so I can’t imagine the Bills spoiling the Jets a potential playoff berth.

New England @ Miami: New England is still competing for a number one seed in the AFC and the Dolphins don’t have much fight in them right now. The Pats may be banged up but as long as Brady and Gronk are healthy, their offense can be deadly. This shouldn’t be a tough game for the Patriots to win.

Baltimore @ Cincinnati: With AJ McCarron still at quarterback, the Bengals still hold legitimate chances to win any given game. The Ravens won what might have been a fluke last week against the Steelers and I doubt they can win two games in a row, especially facing the Bengals in Cincinnati. The Bengals should win, but don’t be surprised if it’s a close game.

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland: Pittsburgh suffered a terrible loss to the Ravens last week and now they are desperate for a win this week to keep their playoff hopes alive. Pittsburgh’s offense is very good and Cleveland’s defense is, well, not good enough to keep up with their offense. I doubt their offense will be that bad two weeks in a row. Pittsburgh will win this game fairly easily.

Jacksonville @ Houston: Jacksonville is an inconsistent football team but when their offense shows up, it is a good show to watch. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that they will perform very well on Sunday against Houston. Houston will be fighting for a playoff spot and have been playing well lately but sometimes these streaks come to an end and I feel like this upset is very possible.

Tennessee @ Indianapolis: Tennessee has had more downs than ups this season and those ups were possible because of Marcus Mariota. Unfortunately for the Titans, Mariota was ruled out for the rest of the season with an injury. The Colts may have to use their third string quarterback so picking this game was actually very tough, but I went with my gut and thought the Colts would be the winners at home.

Washington @ Dallas: Washington clinched the division last week and they are by far the best team in this match up. The Redskins may bench their starters, as they are already locked in the playoffs as the number 4 seed, but I can’t picture the Cowboys winning this game, especially how their season has gone so far and their record at home. It may not be a good game to watch but the Redskins should win.

Detroit @ Chicago: This game is meaningless to both teams so neither team is playing for anything. Detroit, on paper, is the better team because they have turned things around halfway through the season. Alshon Jeffrey is out for the final game of the season so the Bears only weapons on offense is Langford and Forte, and I don’t think they can carry that offense alone.

New Orleans @ Atlanta: Atlanta still has all of the tools on offense to win and they just took down the best team in the NFL. Devonta Freeman has been running better than he has in previous weeks and New Orleans is too inconsistent right now to handle the likes of Julio Jones, considering how well he has been playing this year.

Oakland @ Kansas City: Kansas City is hands down, the hottest team in football. They have won their previous 9 games. Now that they are competing for a potential division title, they should have enough fight in them to make it a 10 game win streak. Oakland is still a really good football team but I believe that the Chiefs have the divisional edge this week.

Tampa Bay @ Carolina: Although Carolina suffered their first loss last week, they are still one of the best teams in the league. Add in the fact that they are playing at home and I believe this will be an easy win for Carolina. Tampa Bay’s only hope is that Doug Martin plays like he usually does and Jameis Winston steps up, but the chances of that happening against Carolina’s stout defense is slim.

San Diego @ Denver: Denver has been a question mark these past two months but Brock Osweiler has proved he can play at the NFL level. San Diego is still not that good of a team and with the combination of Hillman and Anderson in the backfield and all of the other weapons on offense, the Broncos are destined to win this week and the AFC West division.

Seattle @ Arizona: I’ve been saying for weeks that the Arizona Cardinals are the best team overall in the NFL. Record would show that they are the 2nd best, but if you consider Carolina’s strength of schedule, I think Arizona has the edge. That being said, Arizona has already defeated the Seahawks earlier this year in Seattle. The Cards also have a shot at the number 1 seed in the NFC so hopefully that’s enough motivation for them to win.

St. Louis @ San Francisco: St. Louis has been under the radar this season with two wins against Seattle and a win against the Cardinals. Though, just when they look good one week, they do bad the next. Both of these teams have had disappointing seasons this year but the Rams are a better team. The 49ers have disappointed me in the past so I refuse to have faith in them. Todd Gurley should have a field day as the Rams win easily against the vulnerable 49ers.

Minnesota @ Green Bay: I have predicted earlier this season that the Packers would lose to both the Bears and Lions at home and I was right both times. So now, I’m going for the hat trick with the Vikings beating the Packers in Green Bay. I’m not doing this for the sake of hopefully getting it right, but the Vikings actually have a legitimate shot at winning this football game. It will surely be close but Minnesota will pull off the upset.

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