NFL Week 15 Picks

Last Week: 11-5

*Bold indicates the winner of match-up*

Tampa Bay @ St. Louis- Tampa Bay isn’t good, but they are good enough to beat the Rams on any given day. One of two outcomes will happen between these two team: Tampa will over come the Rams defense or both teams will be held to a low score. Either way, the Buccaneers will come out on top.

New York Jets @ Dallas- Ryan Fitzpatrick has been playing very well  which is enough to convince me they will win. I can’t imagine the banged up Cowboys stopping them, especially with Matt Cassel under center. The Jets should be able to leave Dallas with a victory.

Carolina @ New York Giants- Carolina is 13-0 and Cam Newton is making average receivers look like Pro Bowlers. It’s hard to picture the Giants stopping that high powered offense. If the Giants have any hope for a win they need to put up some numbers on offense like last week, but then again Josh Norman will be shadowing OBJ all game.

Chicago @ Minnesota– Chicago has been playing better lately but Minnesota will probably come out with the win on Sunday. Minnesota is motivated by their position in the NFC North and has a chance to go to the playoffs. Adrian Peterson has been on fire this season and he will be able to ease his way through the Chicago defense.

Atlanta @ Jacksonville– Yes, the Jaguars put up 51 points last week but they played the defensively vulnerable Colts. On the other hand, Atlanta has been one of the worst teams in the league and the way Blake Bortles has been playing, I can’t imagine the Jaguars losing.

Houston @ Indianapolis- The Colts have looked vulnerable on both sides of the ball this season and Houston has been steadily improving as the season has gone on. Since it is a division game, it could go both ways but the Texans season is riding on this game and that will be enough for them to win in Indianapolis.

Tennessee @ New England– New England’s offense is back to it’s original form now that Gronk is back at tight end. Tennessee just lost to the Jets 30-8, which is a team that is not as talented as the Patriots. The Titans running backs, which have been non existent, will have no impact on the game and the Patriots will put the pressure on Mariota the whole game. The Patriots should win handily.

Kansas City @ Baltimore- Kansas City has been one of the hottest teams in football lately and Alex Smith is playing the best he has in a while. Baltimore on the other hand, hasn’t looked good even when Flacco wasn’t injured. The Chiefs defense has been amazing as well, they have yet to give up more than 22 points to a team since week 4. The Chiefs should have no problem handling the Ravens.

Buffalo @ Washington- This is a tough decision but the Bills are probably the most likely to win this game. The Bills have guys on all parts of offense that can get the ball downfield and Kirk Cousins can either be a hit or miss week to week. I think the Redskins will fall to the Bills.

Cleveland @ Seattle– Seattle is too good to lose this game. Not that they have a great record or anything but the way they have been playing is too good for the Browns to handle. Add in the fact that the game will be played in Seattle and it’s almost a lock that Seattle wins this game.

Green Bay @ Oakland– This might be the upset of the week but I have a feeling that Oakland may pull this off. They have a very solid offense that will face the average Packers defense. Aaron Rodgers may or may not show up this week and The Raiders defense is coming off a game where they limited the Denver offense to no touchdowns and a win. It’s going to be a win for Oakland.

Denver @ Pittsburgh– This is a tough pick but the Steelers have been playing very well and Denver has been struggling lately. The Steelers defense can easily outplay the Denver offense if they are clicking on all cylinders. The only test for the Steelers is the Denver defense. This will likely be a low scoring game with the Steelers coming out on top.

Miami @ San Diego- San Diego has been terrible. No run game. No defense. No Keenan Allen. You hate to guarantee a win especially if it’s the Dolphins but Miami should have no problem dominating on offense this week.

Cincinnati @ San Francisco- Although the Bengals lost Andy Dalton, I don’t think they will have much trouble with the 49ers. As long as they have their weapons on offense A.J. McCarron should still perform very well, being an inexperienced NFL quarterback. The 49ers haven’t  impressed much this season and it’s likely they won’t outperform the Cincinnati Bengals.

Arizona @ Philadelphia- Arizona is arguably the NFL’s best team and they still have yet to slow down on offense. The Eagles have had their fair share of struggles on defense this year as well as offense. Since the Eagles will be facing one of the leagues best defenses and considering their history of playing at home the past couple years, the Cardinals will walk out of Philly with a win.

Detroit @ New Orleans– Calvin Johnson usually shines in prime time football but I have a feeling that since the Saints are at home, they can win. Drew Brees is due to have a big game and he can make that happen against a suspect Detroit secondary. Since the Saints also have a very vulnerable defense , this game should be a shootout between two high powered offenses. It may be close but the Saints will win this week.

**Comment down below any picks you might have that don’t match mine and why you chose those picks. Share your opinions, suggestions, and comments down below as well and make sure to share with your friends and see who they picked**


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