NFL Week 14 Picks

*Bold indicates the winner of the match up*

Minnesota @ Arizona– Arizona is playing good ball lately and even the loss of Andre Ellington and Chris Johnson at RB wasn’t enough to slow down that offense. Minnesota just got blown out at home to Seattle, there’s not enough to convince me the Vikings will win.

Buffalo @ Philadelphia– Coming off of a win in Foxborough, The Eagles may have finally turned a corner. Granted, 21 of their points came off of defense and special teams, they may have that momentum that they need to win. The Bills will be outplayed by the Eagles defense this week.

Tennessee @ New York Jets– Ryan Fitzpatrick is coming off of one of his best game of 2015 and is having one of the best seasons he has had and welcoming a Titans team that has been nothing short of inconsistent this season, this game may be close but the Jets will pull off the win.

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati- This game will be a shootout. A healthy Ben Roethlisberger is a force to be reckoned with. DeAngelo Williams has been nothing short of amazing since Bell has been out and the receiving core is frightening to face. The Bengals top 10 defense may not be able to keep up with the high powered offense from Pittsburgh. It will be high scoring but Pittsburgh will out play the Bengals on offense and win.

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville- Besides last week, Matt Hasselbeck has been a great replacement for Andrew Luck and they should get the ball rolling again against the Jaguars who surrendered 42 points to the Titans last week. Bortles and Hasselbeck should be chucking the ball up and down the field but the Colts will edge the Jaguars.

San Diego @ Kansas City– Kansas City is rolling and San Diego has been struggling. The Chiefs have been too good of a team lately to lose this game at home, considering how well Alex Smith has been playing as of late. San Diego has one of the worst defenses so that alone is enough to determine the Chiefs as winners this week.

Washington @ Chicago- I’ve liked the way Kirk Cousins has been playing lately. He is an average QB who is due to have a good game at any given week and combine that with a vulnerable Bears defense and that equals a Redskins win in Chicago.

Atlanta @ Carolina– Carolina is STILL undefeated and the Falcons have displayed some of the worst play since last season. If you add in that Carolina is at home, this seems like a lock for this week.

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay– Tampa Bay just beat the Falcons at home and Jameis Winston has been looking really well. New Orleans produced 38 points against the Panthers elite defense last week so I would expect this game to be high scoring with Tampa coming out on top.

Detroit @ St. Louis- Detroit looked good for the entire hour time limit last week against the Packers, unfortunately the Packers got a free play with 0 seconds on the clock to convert a hail mary to win the game. St. Louis has been terrible and with Nick Foles and Case Keenum under center, I can’t imagine St. Louis winning this game.

San Francisco @ Cleveland- San Francisco just overcame Chicago in the final seconds of the game last week and with Shaun Draughn and Blaine Gabbert settling into the offense, the 2-10 Browns will have trouble again this week and the 49ers will get the win.

Seattle @ Baltimore- The Seahawks just beat the Vikings in Minnesota and Matt Schaub versus the Legion of Boom? I can’t see this going any other way other than Seattle leaving Baltimore with a win.

Oakland @ Denver– Oakland has shown signs of life this season with the revamped offense but lately they have struggled, losing badly in the 4th quarter to the Chiefs. I also like how Denver has been playing with Brock Osweiler at QB. Also, that Denver defense is enough to convince me they will win.

Dallas @ Green Bay– Even losing some terrible games, we all know that the Green Bay Packers are a good football team. The Cowboys just have too many injuries to deal with the Packers in Green Bay. Regardless of how vulnerable we’ve seen the Packers at home recently, the Packers will leave Lambeau with a victory.

New England @ Houston- Desperate for a bounce back week to get them back on track to a number one seed in the  AFC, the Patriots will come out on top this week in Houston. It’s hard to imagine a locker room with Brady and Gronkowski to keel over and die. The Houston Texans will struggle more than likely despite Brian Hoyers above average play this season.

New York Giants @ Miami- The New York Giants are in the midst of a division race and there is too much talent to waste in this crucial game against the Dolphins. Both defenses will struggle to contain the offenses they will face so I would expect this to be a fairly high scoring game with the Giants getting the win in Miami. The Giants may also never win a game again this season, this is their best chance for a win the rest of the way.



  1. Great commentary!

    I disagree with the Bears/Skins pick though. Skins can’t win on the road and, with the exception of last week, Bears D has been surprisingly competent over the past 5 weeks. With this being said, the Bears can’t win at home so who the hell knows how this will shake out.

    Also, Eagles win was a total fluke and Shady is gonna go nuclear on Chip Kelly.

    Liked by 1 person

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